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Handling Rates
Per Show $90.00
Ring Side Pick-Up $100.00
Specialties (conjunction w/all-breeds) $150.00
Westminster/AKC Invite Pro-Rated
Nationals/Fly-Ins $500 base rate per day/# of dogs shown(up to 4)
+ Double all BIS and Group Rates

Agent Codes for MB-F & Onofrio: Clint-- 1443 | Karen-- 6751

Bonus Rates
Specialty Winners Dog/Bitch $50.00
Best in Specialty Show $250.00
Best in Show $500.00
Reserve BIS $250.00
Group 1 $100.00
Group 2 $75.00
Group 3 $75.00
Group 4 $75.00

Board Rates
Small $10.00
Large $12.00

Coat Maintenance fee:
Long or double coated $100 per month
Terrier Coats/Scissor Work $200 per month

Road Expenses
Including Food, Fuel, Hotel, Travel, Reserved Grooming, Parking.
All expenses divided by number of dogs traveling with us.

Monthly conditioning/roadwork is part of the daily board bill.
Handler reserves the right to stop or reduce road work for any dog.
Example: Dog too young, too stressed, or out of shape.

Due upon delivery of dog $1,000.00

Vet/Airport Trips
Denver International Airport – $60.00
Brighton Animal Hospital -- $50.00
Advanced Animal Care(Ft. Collins) -- $80 per trip
All other airports and vet trips will be pro-rated according to distance.

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